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Чтение книги "The implementation of the economic cycle: freedom, trust, duty" (страница 21)

   1.2. Psychological aspects of legal characteristics of the collateral relations

   The society is managed by appearing in its relationships. Man as a psycho-physiological system is the subject of relationships and people together make up the society with their individual legal culture, largely independent of the psychological motives of human action. Before it is adopted and enacted regulation, civil society focuses on the needs of regulatory settlement of existing relationships or qualitative changes in individual integrated relationships in order to correct a coherent social system.
   The subject of law is as collective entities, as individual persons. Collective entities can be a structure with a common purpose and the distribution of functional roles and can also be complicated by a set of equal members in the form of public association. I think it is indisputable that it is human psychology, but rather the mental processes influence human activity and its relationship reasoned choice, in which he must come to their own or public necessity.
   Time abstractly represented as a direct strike a point on it, which define the present, on either side of it, respectively, will be past and future. A person staying in the present, aware of the inevitability of the passage of time, having an idea about the past, looking to the future, free to plan, implement their plans, commensurate capabilities and desires. Desires are the consequence of the representation of something, to some extent known. Depends on the degree of knowledge of the validity of space needs for the future of man.
   Features of the planning are closely linked with the responsibility for implementing the goals and the potential for further planning. If you violate the natural flow of things, an alien who violates the determining factor, the pressures on a person and all the planning to be with him in terms than narrower range of cognitive human nature that is unnatural.
   Man exists in the environment of their own kind, in society, the society also dynamically in time, like a single person has the abstract mind, modeling his fortune and position in the future. To implement the will of society restricts the individual through the regulatory mechanisms of behavior in certain circumstances. By implementing these mechanisms in consciousness of generations of people, the culture of the peoples, the people «separated» from natural plants and host of the template defined in the future aspirations and opportunities in the present. In the process of improving the social mechanisms and social structures, one is totally abstracted from nature and is not without prejudice to his mind barely separable part of the social system in which there is until now. His mind knows and is subject to social environment, his aspirations for the future are determined mainly social factors, and the will is passive, undervalued opportunities. In this situation, there is a potential conflict of man and society for which a permit is either in complete subjection of human society and has further shaping its future through public awareness, or individualization of rights and the impact it will on the public consciousness.
   Time is the catalyst for a man, human life, and that is a public catalyst that serves as a stimulating element in society, the state – the set of products, obtained possession of the material and spiritual values, “Gross Domestic Product”.
   The person carrying out its activities, creates, consumes, uses, benefits of the material world, existing at the moment. Through his mind, he models the need for it in the future of some goods, possession of which is not possible with the currently existing opportunities. By appealing to the public mechanisms person meets all their needs, but now the company is competent to vindicate rights commensurate with the currently good for the balance of opportunities for all members of society.
   The social system is based on a set of rules of conduct which in its development and adoption of the society are the rule of law, and they in turn the mechanisms of legal regulation of society in general and man in particular. Nature sends man already leveled priority needs of the society and the public decide and determine the circumstances of the future.
   Consider the behavior of an individual member of society, modeled their future opportunities commensurate with the actual present.
   When considering the category of time, we cannot touch the category space. The person carrying out its activities over a large territory, to seek to maximize the approximate time of being in different points in space. Simulating consciousness in the future, seek to merge into a single point on this «time line». In the material world, man partly solves this problem by using a vehicle which is a product of social production. In the absence of human capabilities of its establishment, the person may use public, value-at its disposal a vehicle (for example, a car), but subject to the conditions of return value of the good society is determined by supply and demand for it from the other members of society at the moment. If a person does not have the ability to compensate for the value to society now, the society is quite capable, with the definition of the degree of risk compensation model in the future.
   The human psyche is a process of harmonizing its inner and outer world, this process is the basis for the establishment and development of personality, achievement of having a place to be a result of this psychological process have both positive and negative effects on humans. The stimulation needs updating and qualitative development of the individual or person is in dismay and disappointment.
   Depending on the individual human psyche, the occurrence of certain requirements is the result of motivation in the inner world of man, or through external stimulation, awareness of the outside world.
   Needs prompt people to seek ways to meet them by using their own capabilities and in their absence by the possibilities of a subject or society in general. Thus, there are relationships, communication in society.
   Two important concepts of time and space, everything happens somewhere and sometime. Changing the location of the subject in space occurs over time. Savings – decrease in costs and achieve the same result, why is identical, because the reduced costs of using a single factor, but is used by some other factor, which in comparative terms from the perspective of the researcher less costly to achieve the desired result.
   To reduce the amount of time moving from one point to another, finding some comfort, relative advantages of having a person uses a vehicle.
   If you identify yourself in the community, comparing themselves with other members of society, people, above all, accessible survey compares the external world around him and being in contact with him members of society. Depending on the outcome of this identification, conducted gradation, consider them to one category or another, a strategy is satisfied with its achievements, or to set a goal at competitive nature of the individual.
   If we consider the period of human life as the period of existence of an active subject of the economic sphere of society, its potential in the short and long run are directly related. With a possibility in the short term, the person has potential, definitely needed him in the future, formed as a result of effective activity in the past as an excess or a wrongful retention, therefore, its use in the present may lead to certain consequences. First, prevent the potential benefits of a safety net buffer, secondly, lead to a balance, third, will be the basis of loss-making influence.
   With the materialization of a man of his own abilities, achievement of results, harmonizing the inner and outer world, the progressive development of the individual, society is also evolving and it material, spiritual, and social spheres of existence are saturated with goods, fruits direct and indirect effects of human creativity. For a single person it is the external environment (exposure) is recognized in mind that influences his inner world and challenging it active.
   The inner world of man has no boundaries, a person in the development process set things in order there, the outer world is a reflection of the world controlled by society, in which a person carries out its vital functions, there exist in society and dynamically evolving social controls, which formed the right and legal controls, state-controlled and society from the political superstructure.
   Politics is concentrated economics, control of the economy, but rather it is a catalyst for the category of money, money, a matter of law, currency, and money institution.
   Features real people, potential, assimilated in the society to a certain number of them, man-made public goods, are also equivalent in the society some of their number.
   Because the dynamics are the benefits to society as a catalyst corresponded money from one entity to another, thus, are in constant motion, and the process is currently in human history, developing commodity-money relations in society.
   Man that is the subject of cooperation in society through voluntary actions affects its environment and simultaneously exposed to its influence. The human psyche, the inner world, reflecting the outer forms the totality of needs enabling them satisfaction through action. Acts committed by a person in society, must meet the standards to be within agreed with the company rules of conduct. The Company is regulated by interactions occurring therein entities. Governed by strict regulation of interaction by permission or prohibition of activity in a particular field.
   If an entity becomes a party of any relationship, it is endowed with a set of rights and burdened with a set of responsibilities, which corresponded, and other participants in relationships. The right set of features determines the acquisition, which sought to broaden the subject and which seeks to anyone in the development of his personality. The human psyche is set up so that the dynamics of the inner and outer world of man is in constant correspondence, and a favorable combination of circumstances is setting goals, creating results in the inner world and the achievement of its external, with different development status quo mentality experiencing stress and a person suffers an adverse effect of negative the result.
   Formed relationships in the community, involve human activity in their implementation. The set of actors to join them on a regular basis in order to achieve a predetermined result. Established practice of the most active subjects suggests some rules of data relationships that are made in the tacit rules accepted by all participants of relations. «We cannot live in society and be free from society». The resulting institution of civil society drew the attention of the State that the formation of opinion need to support the tacit rules of state coercion, these relations will settle the legal norm.
   The most unfortunate sanction to the «evil» entity, its exclusion from the team, «ostracism». Apply it can civil society by deciding not to join with «undesirable» in the subject of relationships, the decision will be known to all possible counterparts of collective solidarity and it will be done, but in a market economy, the pressures of this decision is the essence of the concept of «cause». In the economic benefits of a separate entity because of «exiled» entity, assessing risks, it is able to change the collective interest. Under state regulation as public relations, there is an expansion team to the level of the whole society, and the sanction for violation of «rules of the game» lies in the law is inevitable, and very unfavorable for the «cause» of the economically active single entity, increasing its risk.
   Legal regulation provides for action in a particular area and number of persons universally rules of law that governs the actions of subjects, defined relationships, setting some boundaries within which the balance formed public relations.
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