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Чтение книги "How To Start Your Own PR-Agency In Russia? Anti-Learner's Guide" (страница 1)

   How To Start Your Own PR-Agency In Russia?
   Anti-Learner's Guide
   By Roman Maslennikov
   Translator Alena Ashurova


   There are no reviews. I’m a little ashamed of the style, but I hope that it’s justified for the content. You are to judge. Sorry. Thank you.
   I care about your opinion only if it’s expressed in public. Please criticize my book in portal, site, blog or video blog, in social network or just tete-a-tete under the recorder.
   I tell the same thing to foreign readers. By the way, it’ll be interesting to compare the sphere – how it’s organized in your countries? I think that after translating the book in English there’ll be more reviews. Then we’ll compare it all with Russian actual.


   – I will tell you honestly…
   – Don’t say such things or it’ll be difficult to believe you.
(from the film «Absolute power»)
   In what there is a value of PR-officer occupation? What useful things do they do? In what there is a creation of work? In what there is a great mission? In what there is a profit for self-actualization, for clients, for society?
   At first PR-officers are worried with these questions; clients who have no more money for PR are also worried, besides people who count money are worried as well. Why do we overpay to an organized crowd of bullshitters, if a secretary, any staff advertising manager or a marketer, or at the worst I myself (when there is no work I’d better wag my tongue instead of wasting time) can manage with all that things.
   Where is fun for those who hire PR-agency? Let’s leave it for those who still hire PR-agency, and will no ramble it on a secretary who is irresponsible for advertising or marketing, or on ourselves. Perhaps we’ll return to it later, perhaps we won’t.
   Where is fun for PR-officers, why do they devote themselves to all that useless rubbish? We’ll explain that a few pages later. Perhaps.
   Still what is the fun to be involved in PR and what is more to have your own PR-agency? People are against it! And your parents are also against, I’m sure, not mentioning your soulmate. Who will like when you waste all you time at work?
   The thing is that when you plunge into the abyss of PR, you absolutely lawfully are engaged with lawless activity. PR-rules are regulated neither with law of advertising nor with law of Mass Media, they are not regulated with anything. Nobody read PR-codes but somebody can laugh at them. Once they played a joke in «Absolute power» about three ethics rules of PR-officer:
   Rule number one: oh…
   Rule number two: hm…
   Rule number three: perhaps it’s enough, indeed?
   Every fool who read «Neznayka on the moon» or watched «The tail wags a dog» can organize his/her own PR-agency. The first book is a recommendation without jokes. PR is the thing which is worth testing in life. At least if you won’t publicize any client, you’ll publicize yourself. Today it’s important for any profession. Fame, publicity, recognition, ability to cause emotions. That’s why it’s so important to know how create and publicize your own PR-agency in house conditions.
   So, let’s begin!

   Who can be involved in PR? And who can earn the status of PR-guru?

   Everyone who wants! It can be a student, a pensioner, or even a retired soldier. And they go for it, you know.
   Literally everyone who desires can earn the status of PR-guru or at least «CEO of PR-agency».
   Before it was strange to meet a PR-manager with engineer diploma, today it’s honorable. Such a person at least knows something, for example mathematics, physics or study of the strength of materials. I agree that these studies are also useless, but they are more useful than public relations.
   Then it’s rather strange too meet a PR-manager with journalistic diploma. We all know that journalists are not obliged having a diploma. Probably it’ll be disadvantage. But still PR is great for qualified journalists. They know at least reading and writing (orthography, calligraphy, stylistics)…Or I am too naïve?
   Today it’s not strange to meet in our sphere former journalists, with or without diploma, the main thing is that they have journalistic experience. Everything is clear – there is more money in PR-sphere, or they take money for promoting advertising directly. Real journalists cope with shortage of money. And they even get ahead PR-managers of income and on their workplaces in Mass Media. So the real PR-officer is double dodgy agent.
   Did you leave journalism and come to PR for money? So you are a loser, an honest person, you are clever but poor (what is the same thing to my opinion) or you are just a bungler who cannot sort out how the wheels of business (or politics), information and ultimate publication are run, oiled and touched.
   Sometimes philosophers devote themselves to PR, just because a stream of Komsomol organizers and party ideologues has already been disappeared (for clear reasons).
   Shortly, the specialists with diplomas who are far from PR (engineers, physicists, philologists, sociologists, philosophers, political scientists or anybody else) are more suitable for this sphere than somebody like dentists or translators. Or even seniors from specialized schools are more suitable. Still it’s much better than nobody.
   And today any «My Name is Nobody» can devote himself to PR and proclaim himself a PR-guru.
   And if all of them can so why cannot you?

   With what PR-agency begins?

   PR-agency begins with self-PR. The clumsier it’ll be so the more successful it’ll be.
   To begin with you need a representation in the Internet. If a site is expensive for you, then you need a blog or word-press. Or is it difficult for you? Then you need LiveJournal.
   With the help of the Internet the demand is ventilated. You can even place the advertising in Google Adwords. Than you can see what a moron will respond to it. You have to choose a specialization on a certain branch, and it’ll depend on the sphere of your first client. People give credence to specialized agencies more that to just an ordinary PR-agency.
   If your second client works in another sphere you’ll have to think over how to unite these two spheres and how you’ll present your new specialization. For example, let’s imagine that your first clients are auditors, and second ones are translators. So from agency that specializes in promoting audit service you become an agency that specializes in … smart business. Here potential IT clients and law companies will also do.
   And what will you do if your next client is a private one (a businessman, a top-manager, a designer, a photographer) or a music band? How we can unite them with «smart business»? There is no way we can. You just may write: «we know how to promote different clients, we take the best methods from each sphere: the skill of creating scandals like in showbiz or classic methods like in smart business».
   In general specialize in something, even in everything simultaneously! You can include a special rubricator in your client list – «our practices» (or «our department» if the agency is very small – two or three managers). There must be two or three clients in each «practice or department». It’s prestigious and in adult way, besides smart books instruct such things! So does this book as you see.

   Site promotion of PR-agency

   – Why did you addressed to us?
   – Because we like your site.
   To hear such cherished words you have to promote your site, to invest in your image.
   Here are your key words if you want VIP clients to address to you:
   «The best PR-agency in Russia»
   «Elite PR-service»
   «VIP PR-service»
   «Super PR-agency»
   «The best PR in Russia» and so on.
   I hope you understand that your site have to correspond to these words. You have to understand that a person who have money and who is looking for elite PR-escort mustn’t get into shack. With the help of your site you have to correspond to your key words.
   Besides please remember that visiting any site that you found by similar standards (something super, something elite, somebody VIP and so on) you are not sure to meet all these things. These sites are promoted with the help of the key words. Sometimes the site itself corresponds to these key words. The most seldom situation is when rendered service correspond to the words and to the site. But we cannot exclude such situations just because of probability theory.

   Your first office

   The office is necessary. What for? You know there is nothing more understandable and virtual and than PR-business and you never know is it profitable or not.
   So office is necessary because:
   Firstly, it’s necessary for showing off, but this eyewash will cost expensive, and clients rarely come to the office. Are exclamations once in half a year «What a cool office you have!» worth paying a rental? It’s up to you. Or you can rent a simpler office but not close to Moscow Ring Automobile Road (clients won’t reach you) and not far from the tube (85% of employees have no cars and they’ll be bothered with reaching the office Today they want work not only close to the tube, but even close to their homes).
   Secondly, it’s necessary for effective work in team. It’s rather difficult to motivate employees when they are on outsourcing. Besides it’s inconvenient to divert people from cooking, laundering, ironing, tidying up, shopping, lying on the sofa, reading books, playing computer or bringing up children. We’ll talk later about employees motivation, but take my advice which came with experience – working in office is more lively.
   So how to rent office for PR-agency-beginner? It’s simple, in exchange of PR-service. You promote any small business, for instance real estate agency, travel agency, foreign language courses or translation agency. And they give you a permanent pass to their office, contacts of security officer, two tables, two chairs and perhaps access to the Internet and to the phone. You can ask somebody, perhaps you have friends who want to start their own business but who have difficulties with paying rental (because they have no stream of new clients). You can find them this stream of clients or at least promise them to do that. You have two month for that. Then you have to choose whether you’ll become their sales manager or you’ll find new companions.
   Sometimes I dream that PR-officer can be non grasping. And if he can do his work well then he can afford living in new house for free, riding a prestigious car, doing Tai massage every day and having dinner in expensive restaurant. And all that of course will be in exchange for promoting a real estate agency, an automobile sales centre, a massage centre and a restaurant. Think it over, dream of the communist slogan «from each person on ability to each person on need». They say such period is not far off.
   And finally I’ll give some advices for those who are included PR-service by giving work area for rent. For example, you say that the day before you wrote and spread press-release. It appeared on unknown and unnecessary site. And if it was ordered as a PR-service it had cost 500 dollars (and it wasn’t). At the best your retort will be «That’s why I won’t do anything» and at the worst it’ll be: «Give 300 dollars to me, sales». In both cases you’ll get a kick.
   But if they overstate the price for rent backdate be sure that such rogues will surprise you again and again.
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