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Agile Adoption & Transformation: Principles, Challenges, Pitfalls

скачать Agile Adoption & Transformation: Principles, Challenges, Pitfalls бесплатно
Название: Agile Adoption & Transformation: Principles, Challenges, Pitfalls
Автор: Brian Will
Страниц: 412
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 10.1 MB
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2018

 Understand what Agile can and cannot do for you. Virtually all companies and organizations of various sizes nowadays are either using Agile processes or are currently adopting them. Many organization are transforming their processes from previous methodologies into Agile. Whereas just several years ago Agile might have been considered leading edge and a competitive advantage for companies, today following Agile processes is a must – hence “Agile Adoption and Transformation” describes key challenges faced by many. Regardless of industry, every company is trying to do more with less – becoming leaner, faster, and more responsive to market feedback has become a success imperative.

This book represents a unique perspective in that it does not simply show how Agile should work, but highlights common challenges and pitfalls many companies face. Focused on anyone involved in an effort to either adopt an Agile process or take their organization from an existing process through to a successful Agile transformation, this book highlights the problems and provides guidance through clear and simple solutions.


Part I
Agile and Scrum Principles

Chapter 1
Why Being Agile is Easy - and so Hard!!

Chapter 2
Agile and Scrum does not solve your problems

Chapter 3
Agile Overview
What is Scrum?
Scrum is Simple
Scrum Teams are Efficient
Agile has Underlying Values
Core Agile Values
Scrum in the Context of the Real World
Recap of Scrum Roles
Recap of Scrum Artifacts
Recap of Scrum Events
Recap of Product / Project Development Phases

Chapter 4
Enterprise Scaling
Scrum of Scrums
LeSS – Large Scale Scrum
SAFe® for Lean Enterprises
Enterprise Scaling – What to do

Chapter 5
Agile Execution Focus

Chapter 6
Scrum vs. Kanban
High Level Differences between Scrum and Kanban

Chapter 7
Agile Release Planning
What is a Vision Statement?
What is a Product or Project?
The Product Backlog
Agile Release Planning is based on a Product Roadmap
Agile Estimation is based on Empirical Data – Not Guesswork!
Agile Release Planning Sample
Common Issues and Challenges

Chapter 8
Managing the Product and Sprint Backlogs
Product – Release – Sprint Backlogs
Common Issues and Challenges

Chapter 9
Delivering Good Product Increments
The Importance of Fundamentals or Basic Principles
How to Deliver Good Product Increments
Three Main Focus Areas
What if You Cannot Do it All?
Things Keep Changing – Stay Focused on Basics

Chapter 10
Agile Estimation How To
Estimation Uncertainty
Cone of Uncertainty
Long- and Short-Term Planning Horizons
Planning and Estimation Differences
between Waterfall and Agile / Scrum
Common Estimation Approaches
Common Resolution Approaches
Estimation Team Size
What is Velocity?
Estimate Accuracy and Velocity over Time

Chapter 11
Why #NoEstimates gets it #AllWrong
The World We Live In
Software Development Myths

Chapter 12
Quick & Dirty Guide to Writing Good User Stories
Splitting User Stories with Generic Words
Splitting User Stories by Acceptance Criteria
Splitting User Stories with Conjunctions and Connectors

Chapter 13
Definition of Ready (DoR) vs. Definition of Done (DoD)
The Big Picture
Definition of Ready vs. Definition of Done

Chapter 14
Effective Daily Scrum Meetings (aka Daily Standups)
Simple Rules
Common Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Chapter 15
Effective Sprint Review Meetings
Simple Rules
Common Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Chapter 16
Effective Sprint Retrospectives
Simple Rules
Managing Process Improvements over Time
Common Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Chapter 17
Agile Test Automation
Open Ended Challenges: The Need for Risk
Management and Prioritization
Will We Still Need Manual Testing?
Implementing Automated Tests = Coding Application Functionality
What to Automate
Combinatorial Explosions – Why to Automate
What Tool to Automate With
Standards and What Automation Language to Use…
What about Regression Testing?
When to Automate Functional Testing
How Unit and Functional Automation Builds Up Over Time
We have a Large Code Base with NO Unit Tests
System Instability and Automation
Who Should Automate What?
Code Coverage
Test Automation ROI Calculations

Part II
Agile Adoption Challenges

Chapter 18
Agile Assessments – How to Assess and
Evaluate Agile / Scrum Projects
Roles & Responsibilities
Planning and Estimation
Process – For example, Scrum
Process – Engineering Best Practices
Delivery Effectiveness
Organizational Support
Assessing Multiple Projects
Small Assessments versus Enterprise Assessments

Chapter 19
The Persistent Myth of Multitasking and Why Multitasking Does Not Work

Chapter 20
Product Owners – What Makes a Good One?

Chapter 21
Scrum Masters - What Makes a Good One?

Chapter 22
Agile Development Teams - What Makes a Good One?
Soft vs. Hard Technical Skills
How to Interview Technical Team Members
Interpersonal Skills
Oral Communications
Team Composition
Single Points of Failure (SPoFs), Redundancy, and Cross-Training
Team Composition Anti-Patterns
A Word about Maintaining Good Teams...

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