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Biographies and Memoirs Collection Books /140 книг

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Название: Biographies and Memoirs Collection Books /140 книг
Автор: A. Scott Berg, Jane Smiley, Dick Van Dyke, Christopher Simon Sykes .... и другие
Формат: Смешанный
Размер: 385.7 Мб
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2001-2013

Сборник биографий и мемуаров выдающихся личностей. В сборнике 140 книг с биографией и мемуарами знаменитых людей, которые стали выдающимися в своей области.Содержание:
A. Scott Berg - Lindbergh- A Biography
A. Scott Berg - Max Perkins- Editor of Genius
A.M. Homes - The Mistress's Daughter- A Memoir
Agathe von Trapp - Memories Before and After The Sound of Music- An Autobiography
Aissa Wayne - John Wayne- My Father
Al Worden - Falling to Earth.
Alan Ruddock - Michael O'Leary- A Life in Full Flight
Alana Stewart - My Journey With Farrah- A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship
Alex James - Bit of a Blur- The Autobiography
Alex Ko - From Iowa to Broadway, My Billy Elliot Story
Alfred P Sloan Jr - My Years with General Motors.
Alice Kessler-Harris - A Difficult Woman- The Challenging Life and Times of Lillian Hellman
Aloys Winterling - Caligula- A Biography
Amiri Baraka - The Autobiography of LeRoi Jones
Andrew Burrell - Twiggy- The Unauthorised Biography of Andrew Forrest
Andrew Morton - Angelina- An Unauthorized Biography.
Anne Beiler - Twist of Faith- The Story of Anne Beiler, Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Antonia Felix - Condi- The Condoleezza Rice Story
Ariel Gore - The End of Eve- A Memoir
Barry Paris - Audrey Hepburn
Biographies & Memoirs
Blake Bailey - A Tragic Honesty- The Life and Work of Richard Yates
Bob Spitz - The Beatles- The Biography
Brenda Wineapple - Hawthorne- A Life
Brian Beacom - The Real Mrs Brown- The Authorised Biography of Brendan O'Carroll
Caesar and Donna Campbell - Enforcer- The Real Story of One of Australia's Most Feared Outlaw Bikers.
Carole King - A Natural Woman- A Memoir
Catherine the Great - The Memoirs of Catherine the Great (Modern Library)
Charles Bowden & Molly Molloy - El Sicario- The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin
Charles R Cross - Heavier Than Heaven- A Biography of Kurt Cobain
Cherie Blair - Speaking for Myself- My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street
Chris Greenhalgh - Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
Chris Matthews - Jack Kennedy- Elusive Hero
Chris Peacock - Prince William and Kate Middleton
Christopher Andersen - Barak and Michelle
Christopher Simon Sykes - David Hockney- The Biography, 1937-1975- A Rake's Progress
Clayborne Carson - Malcolm X- The FBI File
Clifford Irving - Howard Hughes- The Autobiography
Clinton Walker - Highway to Hell- The Life and Death of AC-DC Legend Bon Scott
Colin Escott - Hank Williams- The Biography
Craig Bellamy - Goodfella- My Autobiography
Cybill Shepherd - Cybill Disobedience
Dan Bischoff - James Gandolfini- The Real Life of the Man Who Made Tony Soprano
Dan Callahan - Barbara Stanwyck- The Miracle Woman
Dana Canedy - A Journal for Jordan
David and Joe Henry - Furious Cool- Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him
David B Roosevelt - Grandmere- A Personal History of Eleanor Roosevelt
David Browne - Fire and Rain- The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY, and the Lost Story of 1970.
David McCullagh - The Reluctant Taoiseach- A Biography of John A Costello
David Mitchell - Back Story- A Memoir
David Roberts - Finding Everett Ruess- The Life and Unsolved Disappearance of a Legendary Wilderness Explorer
David Suzuki - David Suzuki- The Autobiography
Denise Richards - Real Girl Next Door
Diana Preston - Cleopatra and Antony- Power, Love, and Politics in the Ancient World
Dick Van Dyke - My Lucky Life In and Out of Showbusiness- A Memoir
Donald Rumsfeld - Known and Unknown.
Donald Spoto - Marilyn Monroe- The Biography
Doris L Rich - Amelia Earhart- A Biography
Douglas Perry - Eliot Ness- The Rise and Fall of an American Hero
Ed McMahon - For Laughing Out Loud- My Life and Good Times
Edward M. Kennedy - True Compass_ A Memoir.
Elena Gorokhova - A Mountain of Crumbs
Elie Wiesel - And the Sea Is Never Full- Memoirs, 1969-
Erica Jong - The Devil at Large- Erica Jong on Henry Miller
Ernest Borgnine - Ernie_ The Autobiography.
Eva Gabrielsson - There Are Things I Want You to Know.
Fritjof Capra - The Science of Leonardo- Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance.
Gary Giddins - Bing Crosby- A Pocketful of Dreams- The Early Years 1903-1940
Gary Morecambe - You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone- The Life and Work of Eric Morecambe
Gerald Clarke - Capote- A Biography
Greil Marcus - Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus- Writings 1968-2010
Gully Wells - The House in France.
Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin - Shooter
Ira B Nadel - Various Positions- A Life of Leonard Cohen
Isabel Allende - My Invented Country- A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile
J. F. Powers - Suitable Accommodations- An Autobiographical Story of Family Life- The Letters of J F Powers, 1942-1963.
Jacqueline Kennedy- Historic Conversations on Life with John F Kennedy- Interviews with Arthur M Schlesinger, Jr 1964
James Curtis - Spencer Tracy- A Biography
James Mitchell - The Walrus and the Elephants- John Lennon's Years of Revolution
Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan - Vincent Van Gogh- Portrait of an Artist
Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar - Growing Up Duggar- It's All About Relationships
Jane Smiley - Charles Dickens
Jane Smiley - The Man Who Invented the Computer- The Biography of John Atanasoff, Digital Pioneer
Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Day I Shot Cupid- Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic
Joan Schenkar - The Talented Miss Highsmith- The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith
John Berger - The Success and Failure of Picasso
John Milton Cooper Jr - Woodrow Wilson
Jonathan Spence - Mao Zedong- A Life
Jonathan Steinberg - Bismarck - A Life
Jose Saramago - Small Memories
Julie Andrews - Home
Julie Walters - That's Another Story- The Autobiography
Kathryn Casey - She Wanted It All
Kay Redfield Jamison - An Unquiet Mind- A Memoir of Moods and Madness
Kelly Corrigan - Glitter and Glue- A Memoir
Lee Iacocca - Where Have All the Leaders Gone
Madison Smartt Bell - Toussaint Louverture- A Biography
Marc Eliot - Cary Grant- A Biography
Mariano Rivera - The Closer- My Story
Marion Meade - Dorothy Parker-What Fresh Hell Is This
Marion Meade - Eleanor of Aquitaine
Maya Angelou - His Day is Done- A Nelson Mandela Tribute
Melissa Gilbert - Prairie Tale
Merle Hoffman - Intimate Wars- The Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room
Michael Howell & Peter Ford - The True History of the Elephant Man, Joseph Carey Merrick
Michael J Ruszala - Pope Francis- Pastor of Mercy
Mitchell Zuckoff - Robert Altman- The Oral Biography
Morrissey - Autobiography
Nathaniel Fick - One Bullet Away
Norman Lewis - I Came, I Saw- An Autobiography
Patricia Bosworth - Diane Arbus- A Biography
Paul Allen - Idea Man
Paul Auster - Report from the Interior
Paul Howard - Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape- Jacques Anquetil, the First Five-Time Tour de France Winner
Paul Little - After Everest- Inside the Private World of Edmund Hillary
Peter Ackroyd - Shakespeare- The Biography
Randall Sullivan - Untouchable- The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson
Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman
Robert Englund, Aland Goldsher - Hollywood Monster- A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams
Robert Graves - Goodbye to All That- An Autobiography
Robert Hutchinson - The Last Days of Henry VIII- Conspiracies, Treason and Heresy at the Court of the Dying Tyrant
Robert N. Thompson - A Woman of Courage on the West Virginia Frontier- Phebe Tucker Cunningham
Roger Ebert - Life Itself_ A Memoir
Ronnie O'Sullivan - Running- The Autobiography
Rosamund Bartlett - Tolstoy- A Russian Life
Sally Putnam Chapman - Whistled Like a Bird- The Untold Story of Dorothy Putnam, George Putnam, and Amelia Earhart
Seymour I. Schwartz - Cadwallader Colden- A Biography
Stefan Kanfer - Ball of Fire- The Tumultuous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball
Stephen Humphrey Bogart - Bogart- In Search of My Father
Thomas Buergenthal - A Lucky Child_ A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz
Thomas Cahill - A Saint on Death Row
Thomas Keneally - Searching for Schindler- A Memoir
Tito Ortiz - This Is Gonna Hurt- The Life of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Tom Farley Jr - The Chris Farley Show- A Biography in Three Acts
Tony Bennett - The Good Life- The Autobiography of Tony Bennett
Tracy Borman - King's Mistress, Queen's Servant- The Life and Times of Henrietta Howard
Troy Jackson - Becoming King- Martin Luther King Jr and the Making of a National Leader
Vladimir Nabokov - Speak, Memory, An Autobiography Revisited.
Wendy Burden - Dead End Gene Pool.
William G Borchert - When Love Is Not Enough- The Lois Wilson Story- The Biography of the Cofounder of Al-Anon
William J Mann - Hello, Gorgeous- Becoming Barbra Streisand

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