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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2007 All in One

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Название: Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2007 All in One
Автор: Perry Greg
Страниц: 669
Формат: PDF
Размер: 37.5 Mб
Качество: Нормальное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2007

Easy to understand and has very easy instructions to follow. Good for a novice. Very Windows friendly, assumes the world runs on Windows.

Introducing Microsoft Office 2007.
Start Here.
Writing with Word.
Learning Word’s Basics.
Set Word Options.
Create a New Document.
Open an Existing Document.
Type Text into a Document.
Edit Text.
Move Around a Document.
Find and Replace Text.
Check a Document’s.
Spelling and Grammar.
Print a Document.
Making Your Words Look Good.
About the Rulers.
About Paragraph Breaks and Tabs.
Apply Character Formatting.
Apply Paragraph Formatting.
Set Up Page Formatting.
Create a Multicolumn.
About Styles, Themes, and Templates.
Use a Style.
Use a Theme.
Use a Template.
Adding Lists, Tables, and Graphics.
Add a Bulleted List.
Add a Numbered List.
Create a Table of Contents.
Create an Index.
About Word Tables.
Create a Quick Table.
Create a Table.
Manage Tables.
Create a Cover Page.
Insert Graphics into a Document.
Draw with Word.
Add a Chart or Worksheet to a Document.
Using Word’s Advanced Features.
Look Up a Definition.
Translate a Word or Phrase.
Insert a Symbol.
Count the Words in Your Document.
Use Drop Caps.
Use AutoCorrect to Improve Your Typing.
About Hyphenation.
Add a Watermark.
About Building Blocks.
AutoFormat Your Document.
About Headers and Footers.
Add a Header or Footer.
Add a Footnote or an Endnote.
Save a Document in a Different Format.
About Mail Merge.
Write Form Letters with Mail Merge.
Print an Address on an Envelope or a Label.
Add WordArt to a Document.
Working with Excel Worksheets.
Getting to Know Excel.
About Worksheets and Workbooks.
Set Excel Options.
Create a New Workbook.
Open an Existing Worksheet.
Enter Data into a Worksheet.
About Moving Around Excel.
About Excel Formulas.
Use Sum to Add Rows and Columns.
Copy and Move Formulas.
Insert and Delete Rows and Columns.
Edit Cell Data.
Print a Worksheet.
Working with Excel Data.
Find and Replace Data.
About Excel Ranges.
Create a Range.
Fill Cells with Auto Fill Data.
About Excel Functions.
Enter Excel Functions.
Use Excel’s Function Wizard.
Reference Data Outside This Worksheet.
Work with Dates and Times.
About Excel Limits.
Formatting Worksheets with Excel.
Freeze Row and Column Headers.
Format Cells.
Center a Heading over.
Multiple Columns.
Set Up Page Formatting.
Attach a Comment to a Cell.
Conditionally Format Data.
About Excel Styles, Themes, and Templates.
Use an Excel Style.
Use an Excel Theme.
Use an Excel Template.
Creating Advanced Worksheets.
Add a Chart to a Worksheet.
Insert Graphics into a Worksheet.
Protect Worksheet Data.
Combine Multiple Cells into One.
Ensure Valid Data Entry.
Import and Export.
Worksheet Data.
About Advanced Worksheet Printing.
Using Excel as a Simple Database.
About Excel Databases.
Create an Excel Database.
Import Data into an Excel Database.
Sort Excel Database Data.
Filter Data You Want to See.
Compute Table Totals and Subtotals.
Impressing Audiences with PowerPoint.
Learning About PowerPoint.
About Presentation Creation in PowerPoint.
Set PowerPoint Options.
Open an Existing Presentation.
Give a Presentation.
Print a Presentation.
Adding Flair to Your Presentations.
Enter Text into a Presentation.
Find and Replace Text.
Animate Text.
Review PowerPoint Templates.
Use PowerPoint Layouts and Themes.
Change a Presentation’s Background.
Making More Impressive Presentations.
Insert a Chart into a Presentation.
Insert Graphics into a Presentation.
Add a Presentation Header or Footer.
Add Sound and Video to a Presentation.
Add Special Effects to a Presentation.
Add a Slide Transition.
Make an Automatic Presentation.
Add Notes to a Presentation.
Create Presentation Handouts.
Turn a Presentation into Online Web Pages.
About Giving Presentations.
Organizing with Outlook.
Introducing Outlook.
About Outlook’s Capabilities.
Master the Outlook Screen.
Set Outlook Options.
Set Up an Email Account.
Create an Email Message.
Check for New Mail.
Reply To and Forward Email.
Organize Email.
About Protecting Yourself.
Against Junk and Malicious Emails.
Create an Email Signature.
Create a To-Do List.
Making Contact.
Add a Contact.
Print a Contacts List.
Create an Email Distribution List.
Locate a Contact on a Map.
Search for Contacts and Other Outlook Data.
Living with Outlook.
Navigate Times and Dates.
Set Up an Appointment.
Use RSS Feeds.
Create and Share Electronic.
Business Cards.
Write Yourself a Note.
Continues on following page.
Enhancing Your Work with Other Office Features.
Making Notes with OneNote.
About OneNote.
Review OneNote’s Guide.
Create a New Notebook, Section, and Pages.
Add Text Notes.
Add Drawings to Notes.
Add Any Data to Notes.
Automatic Office.
About Office Macros.
Create a Macro.
About Visual Basic for Applications.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
Share Office Files with Other Applications.
About Office’s XML File Format.
Sharing Data Among Office Applications.
Use Drag and Drop to Move Data.
Link to Office Data.
Create an Office Data Shortcut.
Convert a Word Document to a PowerPoint Presentation.
Use OneNote to Enhance Other Office Programs.
Combining Office and the Internet.
About Office and Online Access.
Insert a Web Hyperlink into a Document.
Insert Live Stock Prices into an Excel Worksheet.
Create a Web Page with Word.
Create a Web Page with Excel.
Create a Web Page with PowerPoint.
Send Email from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

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