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The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 1-2

скачать The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 1-2 бесплатно Название: The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 1-2
Автор: Keith Weber
Страниц: 59 минут
Формат: Смешанный
Размер: 1.42 Гб
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2009

7 непродолжительных, активных ансамблей упражнений с гирями и личным весом от Кейта Уэбера.Here's a breakdown of what you'll experience when you dive into Keith Weber's brutal shakedown:
The Manmaker
Bang off with a series of challenging, hi-octane drills: 10 thrusters/side, 10 clean and presses/side, then 10 OH squats/side, 10 windmills/side, and finally 10 swings or snatches/side.
The Upper Body Blast
Continue with a blistering series of upper body oriented exercises strung together in push-pull fashion in order to prevent over-emphasizing one particular movement pattern and to avoid burning out too early. One side of the body, preferably the non-dominant side, is worked first, then the other. Places deliberate and unforgiving stress on the respiratory muscles. The exercises include, in order, windmills, push presses, cleans, clean and presses, rowing, pushups, upright rowing, then finally the hot potato drill.
The Leg Burner
You ain't kidding! If you're not ready for this you could feel like you'd sucked on gasoline then thrust a burning torch down your throat. Could be called the lung burner as well because of the intensity of this series. Just be prepared… 10 overhead sq/side, 10 squat kicks/side, 10 overhead lunges/side, 10 tactical lunges/side, 10 swings/side, and finally 20 bodyweight squats.
The Swing Workout
Still standing? Then pound out a series of swing variations interspersed with the hot potato drill to allow the hip and thigh muscles to recover slightly, while keeping the heart rate high and working the core in a different way. The swing variations include one handed swings, high pulls, clean and presses, cleans, then back to standard swings. The clock says it only took 6:45, but you'll swear the clock lied as every cell in your body screams for relief…
The Slingshot
But wait, there's more savagery to be enjoyed: between the legs pass variation of the Slingshot is performed between sets of 2 handed drills including squats, overhead push presses, tactical lunges, thrusters. That'll teach you!
The Turkish Getup
A "nice" way to finish off. 5 sets per side consisting of 2 getups, 2 overhead squats, 2 windmills, then 10 swings (2 handed) before switching sides and repeating the sequence. A good focus training as it is difficult to breathe, concentrate on form, and keep pushing through the fatigue at this stage of the training session. Also a dynamite routine done on its own.
Core Workout/Cooldown
Administer the final smacks to your battered body with this highly demanding routine cunningly crafted to scorch the pre-fatigued core muscles as well as hammer the last remnants of your cardiovascular system. This workout is unorthodox in the sense that the reps are high relative to what would be recommended for pure strength purposes. Live with it!

Гибрид "Ока восстановления" и гиревого спорта
Workout 1: Wake up the System
This segment is an energetic warmup combining a brief yet vigorous chakra-balancing Tibetan yoga routine followed with several joint mobility drills from Super Joints including wrist rotations, Cossack stretches, split switches, and the Egyptian. Then throw in the Loaded Quad Stretch from Loaded Stretching to prep the legs for the training to follow. This routine can be used not only as a warmup for your next training session but also as a daily dynamic strength and flexibility maintenance routine to wake up the mind and body.
Workout 2: The Flow
This routine was designed as a kettlebell-based warmup incorporating a wide variety of exercises seamlessly "flowing" together starting with swings, moving to front squats, slingshots, good-mornings, sumo high-pulls, thrusters, hot potatoes, windmills, overhead squats, between the legs pass, shoulder presses, push presses, tactical lunges, clean and presses, finishing with snatches. The reps are kept relatively low to get you ready for the real workouts to follow without wearing you out too early in the game. If you plan on doing the flow as a stand-alone routine, challenge yourself by grabbing a heavier kettlebell and see how it goes.
Workout 3: Cardiovascular
Okay, the warmup routines are over and now for the really challenging workouts. This routine consists of 10 repetitions per side of snatches, immediately followed by high-pulls, swings, clean and presses, alternating swings, more snatches and finally finishing with 20 swings for a total of 260 nonstop reps in just over 5 minutes.
Workout 4: Squat Series
A very challenging leg workout starting with overhead squats, moving to thrusters, squat kicks, front squats, concluding with bodyweight squats. Windmills are performed between squat sets as active recovery for the lungs and quads and to work the hamstrings also.
Workout 5: Lunge Series
Here we move through a sequence of lunge thrusters, overhead lunges, lunge- throughs, and finishing with more tactical lunges than you may feel like doing at this point. Slingshots are performed between the sets of lunges as active recovery. This session provides a great test of endurance and concentration, as it is difficult to maintain one's balance by the end due to the heavy breathing and burning muscles.
Workout 6: Ladder Workout, AKA "Delirium"
This workout could have been just as easily called Delirium as it is so exhausting I made a few mistakes while doing it. I decided to leave it anyway because it is very difficult but fun at the same time. We start with 5 reps of snatches, overhead squats, windmills, thrusters, finishing with push presses on one side, do some swings to catch our breath, then switch sides and go for it again. We follow the same sequence again for 4 reps, then 3 and count down to 1. Just when you think we're done we finish off with swings. This is a great routine as it forces you to practice breathing while in a state of severe cardiovascular debt and physical fatigue. It is also a great shoulder conditioner.
Workout 7: The Grind
At this point in the video this chapter will be a grind and it will grind you into a pulp. We do 5 reps of windmills, followed by overhead squats, thrusters, squat kicks, then finally 5 clean and presses all on one side, then switch to the other and repeat. We pass the kettlebell around the body in between sides to recover, then repeat the sequence again. Finally, we do it one more time except we get to switch hands after each exercise. And of course we finish off with swings.
Workout 8: The Test
This routine starts with a combination exercise, each rep consisting of one thruster and one squat kick. We start with 10 reps per side, using a set of hot potatoes between sides to partially recover. We then do 5 lunge thrusters, windmills, overhead squats, clean and presses on one side then the other. The workout is finished with 5 more reps per side of the thruster/squat kick combo with swings as the finisher.
Core Routine 1
A brief but intense abdominal routine including kettlebell pullovers, jackknife leg raises, Russian Twists, V-ups, weighted crunches, standard crunches, twisting bicycle crunches, followed by the plank held for as long as you can.
Core Routine 2
The only routine on the DVD not requiring a kettlebell! Don't worry, it is still hard. Mountain climbers, floor wipers, side planks, side oblique leg lifts, crunches, finishing with twisting crunches.
Have at it—and let us hear about your results!

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