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Dawn Marie Martenz, Laura Cramp - The Keto Cookbook

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Название: Dawn Marie Martenz, Laura Cramp - The Keto Cookbook
Автор: Dawn Marie Martenz, Laura Cramp
Страниц: 160
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12МВ
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2011

Кетогенная диета, или кето-диета – один из методов лечения эпилепсии. Она используется в комплексе мер вместе с другими средствами, например, медикаментами и физиопроцедурами.
   В изданни дается общая информация по методике, а также предлагаются варианты рецептов блюд "на весь день".
   The ketogenic diet, which is very high in fats and low in carbohydrates, was first developed almost 80 years ago. It makes the body burn fat for energy instead of glucose. When carefully monitored by a medical team familiar with its use, the diet helps two out of three children who are tried on it and may prevent seizures completely in one out of three. It is a strict diet, and takes a strong commitment from the whole family. The ketogenic diet is not a do-it-yourself diet. It is a serious form of treatment that, like other therapies for epilepsy, has some side effects that have to be watched for.
   The Keto Cookbook is a cookbook for those using the diet to treat epilepsy and other neurologic conditions. The ketogenic diet is extremely strict- where one extra bite of food can have serious repercussions on a child's health - and thus hard to maintain.
The Keto Cookbook contains 96 recipes grouped by breakfast and brunch, appetizers & snacks, lunch, dinner, and sweets and treats. The book includes a 16-page color insert illustrating each recipe. Since many children start on the Keto Diet before they can speak, the pictures of the meal and snack options will allow children to choose what they want. And help to overcome food refusal due to lack of variety of foods and/or child's loss of control over food options.
   It will also address common eating personalities such as "grazers", children with texture aversions, the sweet tooth, unpredictable-eaters and adventurous-eaters. There will be options for all. Most parents of children on the ketogenic diet are busy and do not have the time or resources to experiment with different foods and preparation methods, so this book provides them with options that have already been tested and are both kid- and Registered Dietician- approved.
   There will be symbols on the recipes to indicate which food personality for which they are most appropriate. Or how long they take. For example, a recipe for cookies would have a symbol indicating that a "sweet-tooth" child may like this recipe. Allergy information will also be available for the top eight most common children's allergens. The book will also provide tips for "keto-proofing" your life, from the kitchen, to the car, to the classroom. Sample shopping lists and vacation guidelines will also help families prepare for the unexpected. It will include sample letters for getting through airport security, guidelines for visits to the hospital and outpatient procedures, and ways to prevent accidental "breaking" of the ketogenic diet.
Special Features of The Keto Cookbook include
* 96 kid and dietician tested and approved recipes for the keto diet presented in full color
* Recipes will coded by symbol to indicate personality type and cooking times
* Allergy information for the eight most common allergens
* Practical suggestions to help people "keto-proof" their life, from the kitchen, to the car, to the classroom.
* Four sample shopping list and vacation guidelines will help families prepare for the unexpected

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